Various Features and advantages of having modular switches

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Various Features and advantages of having modular switches

Various Features and advantages of having modular switches

  • July 25, 2021
Posted By : Admin Girish Switches

Switches are essential, but we often ignore them, however with the changing times, the electric controls are gaining attention as the crucial part of the interior. The old-age conventional is no longer in fashion, thanks to the latest and trendy range of modular switches. For many reasons, modular switches have gained great popularity in a short period of time. The main advantage of these switches is that they are safe and convenient to use. Apart from this, these modular switches for home are aesthetically appealing. There are so many good reasons to choose these new era electrical switches over the conventional ones. Here are some of the features and advantages that you must check out for more details.

1) Elegance

Modular switches for home and office are very stylish and appealing. They are available in many designs, styles, finishes and colours. These switches are the perfect accessory in the newly done interiors of your home or the office. Unlike the traditional switches, modern switches are available in many options of designs, colours and finishes. With these versatile designs, you also try out different options of designer, glass, or colour blocked switch plates.

2) Versatile & Multi-functional

This is one of the significant features for which modular switches and modular MCB switch are popular in India. These can be used for different applications like automation, signalling, security and data transmission. There are different types of controls available in the market which can be used for various applications in a building. The switches are heavy-duty, and they offer vast flexibility as they can be easily added or removed from the switch plates anytime.

3) Safety

Safety is the most crucial ground for which the switches are known. While using different appliances, safety is a significant concern. The traditional switches contained metal screws which always had the danger of causing mishaps or shock. Modern switches are devoid of metal parts, posing zero risks of an electrical shock. Modular switches are best for the home that has children. These switches are made of plastic without any metal parts attached to them.

4) Efficient

Modern switches are very efficient as compared to conventional switches. The manufacturing companies test these switches at high-ends for their endurance. The internal wire is also tested for its efficiency so that it can be used for many years without any problem. These switches are designed by ensuring soft touch and noiseless operations.

After seeing all the advantages, the modular switches turn out to be the best choice. These switches are infused with great features like hidden screws, anti-welding design, and smooth operation along the shutter socket. The switches are easy to assemble and install. Apart from all the things, these are the best choice for safety purposes, unlike the traditional switches. Girish Switches is the top brand that sells these modular switches for home and the modular MCB switch. A wide range of products is available under this particular niche with many styles, designs, colours, and finishes.