Top Considerations for Designing the Perfect Lighting for Commercial Spaces

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Top Considerations for Designing the Perfect Lighting for Commercial Spaces

Top Considerations for Designing the Perfect Lighting for Commercial Spaces

  • April 26, 2022
Posted By : Admin Girish Switches

The mind, willingness and interest of the workers are affected by the radiance of the workplace. The ideal lighting solution in a workplace must lighten the workstation passably without glare and shadows. Keep in mind the following when lightening a work area:

Lighting Design Considerations for Commercial Space

1. Comfort and efficiency

Emphasizing the health and comfort of folks in all aspects has given more importance in the contemporary era. Workplaces are striving best methods to improve the well-being and comfort of folks and reinventing structures that benefit both folks and the atmosphere. Human-centric lights, glare-free lights, and high tech IoT-based lighting are making present-day offices and commercial buildings more manageable.

2. Energy conservation

Incandescent bulbs and fluorescence use more energy than modern-day LED lights. Most of the energy that the old luminaires release is given away as heat and leads to a lot of power consumption. Thus, employing LED lights in commercial spaces is among the optimal alternatives to save energy. These luminaires have loads of benefits like a more efficiency, longer life span, dimmable, etc.

3. Glare

Glare is mostly of two types: reflective glare and direct glare. The outlook of a high contrast light source to its atmospheres is called direct glare.

Direct glare is a result of lamps and sunlight, while reflective glare is produced from things that we utilize when at work, for example, computers, desks, etc.

Reflective glare is quite hard to handle. However, it can be eradicated by focusing on surface colours in the workstation and dispersal of the light sources. Matte surfaces are ideal for handling this type of glare.

4. Lighting control

There was a time when switches were employed for controlling the lighting. In the contemporary world, lots of hi-tech options with automated solutions and sensors are introduced. These are greatly utilized in commercial buildings due to their wireless nature, and the use of light can be controlled by connecting occupancy sensors. Thus, those in the lighting domain are paying more attention to coming up with smart lighting resolutions rooted in PoW (Power over Ethernet) technologies, Li-fi, human-centric lighting, etc.

5. Lighting of faces

Lighting impact more than the bright areas of the workstation. They even impact the dark areas. Some lighting styles improve the existence of shadows and give themselves intense lighting.

Diffused lighting makes even coverage that is generally shadow-free. Since it might be visually calming, a lack of shadows can result in trouble spotting edges and changes to a surface. It takes away the difference in a figure. Combining indirect and direct light can too give ambient light with direct highlights to specific areas of the space.

In some parts of a workplace, there is a necessity for more definition compared to others. For instance, in a meeting, it aids in clearly watching the person’s face who is presenting and the info they want to show.

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