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Time to Move On From Ding Dong Bells

Time to Move On From Ding Dong Bells!

  • May 13, 2022
Posted By : Admin Girish Switches

Ringing the doorbell of your neighbor’s house and running away used to be a fun thing in childhood. We all played this game when we were kids.

What if you get to hear your favorite tune instead of that typical “ding dong” sound when someone presses your doorbell? Doorbells have been in existence for years in various forms. It has all the time been the major point of interaction in a house security structure. In the beginning, the doorbells exploited costly batteries and came with a shrill electric sound. However, the sound was, at last, translated to the typical ding dong ringing bells, and costly batteries were substituted with a transformer, incorporating them with the house's power supply.

Doorbells aren’t anything that is neglected when constructing your house. At present, there are many options that can easily substitute the outdated ding dong bells. When it comes to which brands to select, it’s vital that you go for a trusted brand having an impeccable variety of products.

Girish Switches is a leading brand that has a wide variety of electrical accessories, including electronic bells like wireless doorbells, musical doorbells, and video door phones.

Wireless Doorbells

Today, the whole world has shifted to wireless mediums. The fewer the wires, the more it is considered innovative. The wireless doorbells by Girish Switches are intended for convenience, and they are a reliable and resilient option for the next-gen doorbells. These doorbells come with numerous features, such as volume control, remote control, shuffle function, and 200-meter functioning range. With all these amazing features, you can now personalize and keep your musical doorbells with the MP3 wireless doorbells and plugin wireless doorbells that can create a nice impression.

Musical Doorbells

Your mood can definitely revitalize if you hear your favorite music. At Girish Switches, we have an array of customizable multi-tune, polyphonic doorbells having numerous melodies to choose from. These doorbells, too, come with flashing LEDs of various color combinations that’ll look attractive. Some of Girish top music doorbells are parrot bell sparkle, aarti tyro, please open the door tyro, 30 Hindi songs tyro, and fish bell fish.

Some Best Tones for Doorbells

Are you looking for tones for your doorbells? If yes, then you can choose any from the following list:

1. Gayatri Mantra

2. Azaan

3. Radhey Radhey

4. Satnam Waheguru

5. Ding Dong

All of the tones mentioned above are perfect alternatives to ding-dong bells. We have quite a few bells with each of these tones. You can select any of them as per your choice. Make your guests pleased and give them some positivity by installing an extraordinary doorbell. At Girish Switches, we offer Gayatri Mantra doorbells that come with a dual switch and are made of quality materials.