The Journey of Girish Switches Home Lighting From Traditional To Modern

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The Journey of Girish Switches Home Lighting From Traditional To Modern

The Journey of Girish Switches Home Lighting From Traditional To Modern

  • March 13, 2022
Posted By : Admin Girish Switches

Girish Switches has been a renowned name among the leading electrical switches, and modern lighting manufacturers. At Girish Switches, we are capable of working to satisfy every demand and need of our clients. With us, you can expect a better tomorrow without a doubt. Our company has been in existence for nearly a decade. We have outstanding facilities which range from material management to quality control devices.

Apart from all that, we also offer a professionally well-equipped work atmosphere having self-motivated, enabled technicians who have the capability of making top-notch quality products according to the specifications of the clients.

Home Lighting Accessories That We Have On Our List

Lighting is among the most basic requirement that nearly every person needs at home, office, or school. But, its share in the total home electricity cost is supposed to be in the range of 18 to 27 percent. Thus, nearly every individual wishes for a low utility bill, and for that, they strive various ways or use bulbs that aren’t as useful as they need to be. At present, a majority of individuals talk about the most economical LED light bulbs, many might be thinking about that whether it’s worthwhile to invest in the brightest LED bulb panel for your home or office. This relies on your desire for lasting economic consequences.

At Girish Switches, we deal in LED sleek strip light, surface light, outdoor light, LED lamp, panel light, garden light, LED slim tube light T5, down light, etc.

The LED lights that we have are primarily known for their superb quality, versatile usage efficiency, and high ductile strength. Also, our company keenly back our Business Partner network via a definite marketing strategy.

More About Our Company

More About Our Company

Besides, all our LED lights, switches, and other electrical accessories are aided by a high-tech research and development centre that is in our manufacturing sites. All our electrical products are continuously innovated and benchmarked against the best by a team of highly experienced people. With their knowledge and expertise, they have helped the company in rolling-out lots of innovative and first-rate quality products. Research and development is a constant procedure for Girish Switches since our company try to get the best in the market, all the time.


Girish Switches was founded in the year 1988 by a team of highly skilled and knowledgeable people. With time, the strength of the company elevated to around 300 highly experienced employees. The whole group of highly passionate and experienced people, working 24/7, has proved to be vital in the establishment of Girish as a manufacturer of first-rate electrical products. Furthermore, we have a well-appointed laboratory and trained, experienced engineers to examine the products according to BIS standards.