Some Interesting Ways to Use An Electric Kettle

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Some Interesting Ways to Use An Electric Kettle

Some Interesting Ways to Use An Electric Kettle

  • February 25, 2021
Posted By : Admin Girish Switches

Electric kettles are extremely common and found in almost all kitchens be it domestic or commercial ones. This is a very simple appliance to handle and apart from the most common use of boiling water, it can also be used in some of the most interesting ways.

Some of which are:

● Making Instant Noodles

If you have lived in a hostel or away from home, then I am sure that you have tried to make this at least once in your life. Sometimes walking up to the kitchen and boiling noodles might seem like a grave task, and thus the electric kettle may be your saviour.

You could also try to boil your oats and this may be your saviour from midnight hunger pangs. The Sizzler Electric kettles by Girish are the perfect choice to boil oats or noodles for two.

This classy piece by Girish is available only at 1045 INR. The body is coated in brown and white with a thermal fibre providing measurements of water level and a sliding power knob on top of the handle. The regular price for this fantastic kitchen accessory is 1900 INR but you currently get this at only 1045 INR. Buy now

● Heat Milk but Without Spilling

Have you ever noticed that the moment you move away from your gas while heating your milk, it spills? But this tension could be sorted out with the help of an electric kettle.

An interesting way to use an electric kettle could be for heating milk. Here you don't have to worry about spillage issues. You could even warm up milk for your little one at night without having to actually walk until the kitchen stove.

● Make Soup

If it's a chilly evening or a rainy afternoon, you could easily relish a Cup of warm soup without having to burn a hole in your pocket by ordering from restaurants. You can actually buy the store ones that come premixed and make it with the help of your electric kettle.

You could even add in your chopped vegetables which would get boiled very easily and even add your favourite condiments to it hassle-free.

● Arrange a Hot Spa or Face Steam

An electric kettle not only can be used as an easy solution to your hunger pangs but can even be used as a beauty saviour. You could easily make some hot water where you could soak your feet after a tiring day.

You could even use the steam from the hot water and take the vapour as it would make your face more bright and tighten up all your pores. Using steam is actually a quite popular beauty hack. To serve the purpose the best suit would be a kettle with a bigger neck.

You can try with Sizzler Plus Electric Kettle by Girish. This is a fine piece with a neat silver-plated body that looks elegant with a sky blue thermal panel. The firm handle has the power knob to start/stop the current flow with an indicator on the top.

This kettle can hold up to 1.8 litres of liquid and steams your face appropriately for the long term. The regular price for this handy accessory is 1900 INR which is available at Girish at an offer price of just 1045 INR. Buy now

● Preparing A Cup Of Hot Chocolate

We all love a good cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter night? But seldom do we want to leave the comfort of our blankets and walk all the way to the nearest cafe or even the kitchen. In such cases using your electric kettle could be the easiest option.

You could easily warm up some milk and add in your hot chocolate mix. Even if you don't have the mix you could add some chopped up dark chocolate to the milk and it would still taste absolutely delicious.

There is no doubt that an electric kettle is much more than just a fancy and handy piece of electronics. It comes extremely handy and if used accurately can serve you a variety of purposes which can make your daily lives quite simple.

However, it is important that you use this product safely and not try to emulate stuff that is not appropriate for the kettle.