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Silver Beam Lighting Solutions

Silver Beam Lighting Solutions

  • September 3, 2021
Posted By : Admin Girish Switches

Silver Beam lighting solutions is the best lighting solution that Girish Switches have launched. Lighting is the most primary need that everyone needs at home. Mainly the total housing electricity expenditure lies around 18% to 27%. But, you can reduce the electricity bill significantly by using the lighting solutions provided by the Girish Switches. The company offers various LED lights that you can use in your house and offices and gain long-term economic benefit and an appealing aesthetic look.

Here are some of the varieties of Silverbeam lighting products offered by Girish Switches from which you can save upto 80% of electricity and make your place look more stylish and beautiful.

Panel Light

In Silverbeam lighting, panel lighting is included to provide a beautiful effect to both residential and commercial places. The panels are designed in such a way that they provide longevity, great energy efficiency. These lighting solutions are easy to install and are user-friendly as well. The Silverbeam includes LED Slim Side Lit Panel Light, LED Long Life Panel Light, and LED Eco Lit Panel Light.

Surface Light

The product is available in many shapes and sizes and is ideal for a setting where the ceiling has a false ceiling attached to it. Girish Switches has various surface lights, including LED Surface Lit Panel Light, Led Slim Surface LED Panel Light, LED Long Life Surface Panel Light, and LED FrameLess Surface light. All these products provide 80% of efficiency along with high quality.

Deep Light

These LED ceiling fixtures are used in large shopping malls, showrooms, galleries, and other places. It is a product that has many features like a long lifespan, can operate very efficiently in cold conditions, and doesn't emit heat or UV rays. In Silverbeam LED, the deep lights are available in LED Down Lit Deep Light and LED Frame Less Deep Light.

Outdoor Light

Girish switches give the same consideration to outdoor lighting similar to indoor lighting. The company provides the best lighting solutions in the form of Silver beam Outdoor lights. This includes different products, like LED Surface Lit Flood Light and LED Surface Lit Street Light. You can opt for these to keep your surroundings safe and bright.

Cob Light

These narrow and compact lighting up are used to add a fantastic look in the residential areas. These lighting solutions are comparatively new in the market, and their use is made from advanced technology to give improved lighting. At Girish Switches, you can find these cob lights with various advanced technologies like LED Down Lit Cob Light.

Spot Light

This intense illumination-producing device can light up any stage very effectively. These spotlights come in various LED colors, which can help to enhance the performances on the stage. Girish Switches provides you with some of the best Silver beam LED lights of high quality and perform low voltage operations.

LED Lamp

Visit Girish switches, buy the LED lamps of Silver beam lighting, and get upto 40% discounts on LED bulbs. The bulbs are very efficient and have the quality of instant lighting. These bulbs can be used anywhere for multi-purposes.

Strip Light

Silverbeam strip lights are the best way to decorate your house or office beautifully. These lights are famous for decorating lightning applications. So, you can buy and use these products from Girish switches to give your place an appealing look.

LED Tube Light

The Silverbeam lighting solution offers the sleek and beautiful LED Slim Tube light, which is energy-saving and eco-friendly. The product is very bright and compact, which provides the best lighting experience to the user.

Silver beam lighting products use far less electricity than other sources of light. These lights are decorative as well as efficient in working. Girish Switches is an ISO Certified Company that offers the best lighting solutions. You can visit the Girish Switches site and buy silver beam lighting online at very reasonable rates.