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New Ultra MCB Series

  • January 5, 2019
Posted By : Admin Girish Switches

With more and more demand on use of electricity, thanks to the new and improved gadgets that run on them, there is also an increased need for safety and convenience, not to mention management of cost. MCB B-series and C-series from Girish switches guarantee you the safety you need at a cost that is highly affordable to you.

Why do you need an MCB?

There is no guarantee on how the electricity will flow through every day, be it at office or at your residence. While there might be power failures, there are also chances of power surges, which could easily result in overload and short circuit issues. In such scenarios you would want to keep your electrical circuit protected from any damage, which is why you would need an MCB or an ELCB, a miniature circuit breaker or an earth leakage circuit breaker.

Neo Ultra MCB

The New Ultra MCB series takes the protection a step further with the technique of fast contact separation and a faster quenching of the electricity during emergencies. This innovative MCB ensures that you enjoy protection all the time and acts as an isolator to ensure that the circuits are not overloaded or there is a chance of short circuit.

The New Ultra MCB series, both the B-series and the C-series offers

  • Protection from overloads
  • Protection from short circuits
  • Isolation of circuits downstream or the equipments whenever the MCB is turned off.

Different MCB series options

Depending on the end use of the MCBs, you can decide on the kind of B-series or C-series MCB that you want to buy. If you are looking to use for protection against overload and short circuit in lighting or for other domestic electrical uses, then you can go for the B-series 6 ampere New ultra MCB series. Similarly you can find based on whether you need for protection against domestic, industrial or commercial loads and install them accordingly to keep you protected.

Why buy from Girish Switches?

Apart from a whole gamut of New Ultra MCB series, that will cover a variety of purposes, Girish Switches has always been a pioneer in offering quality electrical products.

  • Every product including the latest New Ultra MCB series is tested and ensured it is completely safe before it is offered to the consumers.
  • They have solutions to cater to various segments including both residential and industrial sectors.
  • With their other products, the MCB and the ELCB definitely makes it a complete package for all your electrical needs at home or office.
  • There are B-series and C-series MCB available in different capacities to handle different loads at home and office.
  • The products are not just qualified to perform well, but they are also efficient in handling energy and trustworthy.

The brand Girish Switches has already earned the name for being the best in the industry and the new ultra MCB series and ELCB is just another jewel to their crown.