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Led Panel Light

  • January 27, 2020
Posted By : Admin Girish Switches

Panel light are the best system for when it comes to illuminating instrument panels. They form the best sources of light. They take the form of a lighting fixture that could very easily serve as a replacement for the traditional fluorescent ceiling lights. As such, these lights are best for indoor applications. It is important to note however, that there are multiple panel light models and designs existing as seen in Led Slim Side Lit Panel Light, each unique with its own competitive advantage.

The design of panel lights is such that maximum illumination is achieved and focused on the site for which illumination is intended. Using the light emitting diode technology, these products are able to provide the user with an amazing visibility. Featuring a lightweight aluminum frame that bears three different layers, the frame stands as one of the most important accessories of the panel lights and serves to keep light from leaking out. The three layers constitute of LED chips, the light guide plate and a diffuser, which serves to distribute light equally throughout the surface for illumination.

The solid backing of Panel lights is also a critical part and bears a crucial responsibility for when it comes to the general appearance of the lighting system. For safety, panel lights have heat sink system.

The quality of light as achieved by panel lights is bright and homogenous credit to the guide plate due to the optical material. This lighting system is dependent upon connection to a power supply. The joint effort due to a guide plate and diffuser serves to ensure that there is an even distribution of soft light across the surface where lighting is needed.

Panel lights make use of a kind of technology where lighting is achieved instantaneously with neither humming nor flickering. Concerning matters energy efficiency, panel lights do not have very high power consumption and are better than the incandescent bulbs as well as the compact fluorescent lights. Consuming roughly up to 6 watts worth of power, panel lights like Led Eco Lit Panel Light are able to produce the same light as does light bulbs, which are known to consume twice as much power.

The main advantage of panel lights is the fact that they can be customized. This property is owed to the fact that they are thin. The manner in which LEDs are integrated into the panel lighting system makes shaping possible to match desired form. As such, they are able to serve in a wide array of applications such as backlighting when it comes to molded tops of bars.

The acrylic featuring in the panel lights’ design is shattering resistant. This material does not corrode to certain chemicals and have the unique ability of withstanding both cold and hot temperatures. Owing to their remarkable durability, panel lights such as the ones featuring in Led Long Life Panel Light are best fit in areas where maintenance is not a frequent activity and will always provide good value for money. While panel lights are a very important lighting system, the role of switches in that association cannot be overlooked.