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Girish Switches extensive distribution network

Girish Switches extensive distribution network

  • September 12, 2021
Posted By : Admin Girish Switches

Being one of the top manufacturers of electronic accessories in the country, Girish Switches is working proficiently in the market. Girish Switches offers a professionally great work atmosphere with self-motivated, empowered technocrats who have the skills to produce the finest quality goods as per the requirements of the clients. Our business was set up by a team of well-trained and educated experts. At the moment, we are working with a network of over three hundred highly experienced people. Their support and dedication have helped our company in becoming a successful brand in the market.

What is our key objective?

Our prime focus is to design and produce exquisite products that meet the clients’ expectations. For numerous years, Girish has been providing a full range of modular switches in various states. You can opt for some of its top-notch modular switches in Kerala, modular switches in Delhi, modular switches in Haryana, modular switches in Maharashtra, and many other states.

The modular switches in Gujarat, provided by Girish Switches, come in many varieties, such as glam switches, glisten switches, glisten flat switches, and stylines switches.

Kinds of modular switches in Rajasthan that we provide

The Glisten range by Girish Switches has made a name for bringing a modern and highly effective design of switches. If you seek a one-way or two-way model, the glisten flat switches can be your definitive benchmark. Along with that, the Glam range of switches is prepared from polycarbonate with velvet and smooth touch. The Glam range of switches is encompassed of electrostatic copper contacts with pure silver and cadmium oxide.

Vox plates also fall under the modular switches categories. These are available in different colours.

They flow around your house, office, classroom, etc. Having Vox plates around your space can bring class and elegance. Emphasizing a satisfactory design, the Vox plates are excellent when it comes to operation. Also, it is an ideal representation of the contemporary structure.

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What makes our modular switches in West Bengal unique?

The best thing about using our modular switches in Uttarakhand is that they come with childproof sockets and no exposure to current-carrying elements, avert accidents from electric shocks and guard kids and grown-ups against injury. The inefficiently maintained old-style switchboard could ruin the charm of walls. At last, the finest modular switches by Girish might increase the visual appeal of house interiors with colours that match the interior colour arrangement. The material utilized in electrical switches should preferably be a high-quality polycarbonate, which is a kind of thermoplastic polymer. This must have a high melting point, be flameproof, and be dustproof.

At Girish Switches, we offer the two major mechanisms of the finest modular switches in Gurugram and the accessories that come with them, like sockets and an array of mounting plates. When equally putting your selection of mounting plates and garnishes, you purchase switches online manufactured by lots of custom combinations to ensemble your space and your appliance placement.

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