Chip On Board (COB) Light – An Array of Ambient Lighting

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Chip On Board (COB) Light – An Array of Ambient Lighting

Chip On Board (COB) Light – An Array of Ambient Lighting

  • February 4, 2022
Posted By : Admin Girish Switches

LEDs are consistently enhanced to result in better usage, versatility, and more efficient energy utilization. A variety of LED lights models are more popular than standard incandescent lights. This is primarily because they have the capacity to last for around 25X longer with less power consumption.

What do you understand by the word COB light? This is a pretty new term to the LED market. COB or Chip on Board LEDs come with lots of benefits over regular lights. These are essentially multiple LED chips joined straight to a substrate by the manufacturer to build a single unit. As the separate LEDs used in a COB are chips and not usually packed, the chips can be mounted so that they take up less room, and the greatest potential of the LED chips can be attained.

Since the Chip on Board LED package is energized, it looks more like a lighting panel compared to many separate lights, as would be the situation while using multiple SMD (Surface-Mount-Device) LEDs attached.

What Are the Best Things About Chip On Board LEDs?

COB LEDs come with just one circuit and two contacts for the whole chip, no matter how many diodes are there. This one-circuit design, irrespective of the number of diodes, results in simplicity for the remaining LED device. Here is a list of benefits of having COB LED:

  • High-uniformity, even at nearby working distances
  • High-intensity, mainly at nearby distances
  • Greater thermal performance for better lifespan, stability, and consistency
  • Compactness because of the tiny size of the chip
  • Design plainness as only one circuit and a couple of contacts are needed

What Is The Difference Between COB VS SMD?

COB chips generally come with 9 or more diodes. They even have just 1 circuit and 2 contacts, irrespective of the number of diodes. However, dissimilar from SMD, COB LEDs cannot be utilized for making color-changing bulbs as there are just 2 contacts and a single circuit.