Brightening up Roads with GIRISH LED Street Lights

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Brightening up Roads with GIRISH LED Street Lights

Brightening up Roads with GIRISH LED Street Lights

  • August 3, 2021
Posted By : Admin Girish Switches

Lighting plays a crucial part in ensuring a seamless traffic flow and the security of the residents. In this write-up, you'll get to know the importance and benefits of LED street lighting.

The future of LED lights

LEDs are, in fact, still in their child stage as far as lighting technology. They can be more efficient, dynamic, tinier, least expensive, and probably brighter than any other lighting technology. Over the past few years, LED technologies have swept the lighting industry and will carry on to overtake old ineffective sodium lamps.

LED technology was designed for street lighting. Many people already know that they are eco-friendly as they consume very little electricity and have lower maintenance expenses. All these things make them the light of choice for local councils and other responsibilities of lighting our trails. But, lots of individuals think that this is where the benefits halt. Check out some of the top quality LED street lights online.

Major benefits of LED lights

1. Led lights don’t need time to warm up. This makes them a flexible source of light.

2. They produce more accurate colour rendering, which makes it easier for drivers and others to identify objects.

3. They perform well at low temperatures, which is beneficial over the cold season.

4. Since they are directed at the road surface, they don’t poorly affect drivers’ vision.

5. They do not have lead or mercury and don’t release any toxic gases. They also emit less carbon dioxide emissions.

6. They are waterproof, dustproof, and work at any temperature.

Other key benefits of installing LED lighting

1. Long lifespan

Burned-out street lights are an annoyance while driving or walking at night. Bright lighting helps us stay awake and stay alert to our surroundings. Because of the long lifespan of street lights, your city won’t need to be anxious about changing out faulty bulbs. The price of LED street lights may be costlier, but they lessen energy usage and additional maintenance requirements.

2. Low crime rates

Recent reports have confirmed that crime rates have lessened because of the installation of bright, white LED street lighting in the city. With less dark, un-illuminated pockets, people feel safe walking home late at night compared to when walking under old-style street lighting.

3. No warm-up required

Street lighting is vital for security. However, once the temperature decreases, the gleaming of fluorescent lighting can take too long to warm up before even switching on. LED lighting prospers in winter, as heat is the foe of LED bulbs. By putting in LED lights, there is no more waiting around for the bulbs to warm up.


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