All That You Need to Know About Distribution Boards (DB)

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All That You Need to Know About Distribution Boards

All That You Need to Know About Distribution Boards (DB)

  • May 13, 2021
Posted By : Admin Girish Switches

What is a DB?

From the name, you can take the clue. Distribution boards major work is to divide and distribute the current supply. You can even consider it as a major hub that will split power and send to other appliances. These boards focus on providing a safe current supply. So before connecting to the secondary appliance, they pass power to the breaker. If the appliance cannot handle the electricity, then the breaker will switch off the supply. This board can also be depicted as the motherboard that controls the flow of current to the next circuit or switch.

Variations available

The main classification of power distribution board has two major branches. It includes single and double door boards. The major difference between them is that a double door is capable of handling heavier power than a single door distribution board. A single door DB can be used in three different configurations. A lot of appliances can be connected to a double-door distribution board.

The boards also vary based on the way they are mounted and the type of layout used. You have to choose the best board based on its efficiency and performance. These boards will not damage the beauty of your building. The modern boards available now can camouflage with the walls.

What is a DB made of?

The distribution boards are mostly made of circuit breakers. The board has insulators to avoid getting shocked in case the MCB fails to do its work. To pass the current to circuit breakers, we have busbars. If you have circuit breakers, then, of course, you will have switches too. Normal circuit breaker, miniature, residual, and molded cases are used to build the board.

How to be safe with distribution boards?

  • These boards must not be touched or opened unnecessarily. So it is better to put the danger symbol nearby.
  • In case you smell smoke or burn, then immediately cut down the power supply.
  • Water and the board should be miles apart from each other.
  • It is best to place the board high above the ground level to be safer.
  • Ensure the board is far away from your kitchen and other fire-prone places.
  • Even if you get your DBs online, inviting a professional when you fix the board is advised.
  • The final thing to look after is always to keep the board covered and not in an open area.

Why are DB's important?

Since the DB is made of fuse and breakers, it will help you have safe electrical wiring. You can avoid unnecessary hazards if you have distribution boards in your building. Since it splits the power, it will prevent power overload problems. Your appliances will be 100% safe.

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