7 Kitchen Lighting Ideas for Homeowners

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7 Kitchen Lighting Ideas for Homeowners

7 Kitchen Lighting Ideas for Homeowners

  • January 24, 2022
Posted By : Admin Girish Switches

In case you are looking to upgrade or renovate your kitchen area and have been seeing pictures on the internet for ideas, you have possibly seen how lighting improves the design. The lighting of the kitchen can be both eye-catching and functional. These can give the appropriate lighting for workspaces and emphasize and balance the architectural and ornamental elements of a kitchen.

Below are the seven kitchen lighting fixtures that you can consider:

1. Silverbeam LED Lamps

Lighting is among the major necessity that nearly every individual requires.

Girish Switches is India’s top Silverbeam LED lamp manufacturer. It is worth investing in these LED lamps if you are planning to improve your kitchen lightings. Some of its leading products in the Silverbeam series that you can opt for to enhance your kitchen lighting fixtures include LED eco Lit panel light, LED slim surface lit panel light, etc.

Lighting is among the major necessity that nearly every individual requires.

2. LED downlit panel light

LED down lit panel light is a great product from the top manufacturers of India, Girish Switches. It emits a warm white colour, and is not only suitable for kitchens but many other places, as well. They are very thin in design compared to traditional lighting. Thus, this makes them perfect for shallow ceiling applications.

3. LED downlit cob light

Girish Switches is one of the top suppliers of electric switches and lighting fixtures in the country. They also deal in LED downlit cob lights of the best quality and affordable. These types of lights can be perfect for your kitchen area, and you can achieve the best illumination.

4. LED downlit spot light

You can get the best quality of LED downlit spot light at Girish Switches. Check out its wide range of LED downlit spot lights and choose the right one for your kitchen.

5. Led Slim Side Lit Panel Light

These lighting fixtures are perfect for offering good quality lighting in the kitchen and several other areas. Since they are incorporated into the ceiling, the Led Slim Side Lit Panel Light are hardly visible; still, they can even highlight the unique architectural features within your kitchen area. These can be good-looking backsplash inset tiles or crown moulding.

6. Tracking lighting

Tracking lighting fixtures are common in the cooking zones as they exhibit various fixtures that you can angle in distinct directions to bounce light near your area, including a function to multiple zones and areas that are hard to access. This lighting fixture comes with a side-arm design perfect for the cooking zones. Also, its antique bronze finish will pair almost any modern design. A large number of tracking lighting are compatible with dimmers, letting you quickly change the mood.

7. Led Frame Less Surface Light

As the Led Frame Less Surface lights are connected straight to the ceiling, these can be utilized at any place within the kitchen, like a bar prep zone or a butler’s pantry. These lights come in different sizes. You can opt for these lighting fixtures to achieve the most contemporary look.

Additionally, LED lights emit a superior lighting quality that lowers heat and exposes colors well that is vital for task lighting within the cooking area. A kitchen with LED lighting fixtures looks very contemporary and up-to-date. Also, LED lights are much more long-lasting compared to conventional ones. It means you would not need to worry about recurrent upkeep to replace bulbs.

What Are LED Strip Lights?

The LED strip light is an extensive category, counting every form of LED strip lightings. You might want one type on top of the other based on how you intend to utilize the LED strips. These are different types of LED strip lights. Read further to learn about them in detail.

1. AC LED Flex Strips

These are supple strip lights that run directly from the outlet. All you have to do is plug in, and they are all set to function.

2. LED Rope Light

These are covered, Omni-directional LED lights inside the standard rope light packing.

3. DC LED Flex Strips

The DC LED Flex Strips have an adhesive support for easy mounting. Waterproof variants are also there, and they are available in 30 LEDs/M or 60 LEDs/M.

What To Look At While Shopping For LED Strip Lights?

While buying LED sleek strip lights, you need to consider the number of LEDs per length. To get a brighter output and better light quality, you must seek the strip lights with a superior amount of LEDs per foot.

In case LEDs are set apart across the strips, they can emit spotty lighting rather than a clean, persistent line of light. It can be puzzling since companies employ various units of measurement to promote this.

Since the technology of LED carries on enhancing, LED strips to carry on to reach brighter abilities. This doesn’t signify that every strip will be intensely bright; in some instances, you might not want the light to be extremely bright.

LEDs’ brightness is gauged in lumens. Based on how you are making use of the strips, you’ll possibly want a specific degree of lumens. To achieve accent lighting, you’ll perhaps not wish for anything brighter than 200 lumens per foot. However, for other applications where you want more light, it only depends on your choice of how bright you want them.

Silverbeam Led Sleek Strip Lights by Girish Switches

1. 36 w Led Sleek Strip Light Green Moss

2. 36 w Led Sleek Strip Light Warm White

3. 36 w Led Sleek Strip Light Purple Silk

4. 36 w Led Sleek Strip Light Blue Fin

5. 36 w Led Sleek Strip Light Red Oak

6. 36 w Led Sleek Strip Light RGB Multi-Tone

To know in detail about these LED strips lights offered by Girish Switches, go through their extensive listing.