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5 Ways To Save Electricity

5 Ways To Save Electricity

  • February 11, 2021
Posted By : Admin Girish Switches

Electricity is one such resource which is used by almost everybody. However sometimes we cross the boundary and instead of just using it, we take the uninterrupted supply for granted. We keep lights and fans running even though they are not in use and harm Mother Nature.

Saving electricity not only alleviates nature from constant global warming but even saves spending huge amounts as electric bills. Some of the easiest ways to save electricity are:

1) Use Natural Light and Power-Saving Light As Much Possible.

It is a good idea to make use of natural light from sunshine as much as possible. Not only does sunlight supply some important minerals to your body, but it is even known to boost positive energy.

It is advisable that you use as less artificial light as possible as it not only saves electricity but is even quite beneficial for your well being. Make sure that your workstation or bedroom gets a good supply of uninterrupted sunlight at least during the early morning hours.

On the other hand, using energy-saver lights will cut the electricity cost. You can check out some of the selected power-saving LED lights by Girish to serve the purpose.

  • LED Down-Lit Deep Light
  • LED Lamp
  • Wall Lamp
  • LED Slim Tube Light

2) Unplug the appliance which is not in use.

No matter how awe-striking it might sound, energy is used even when the switch is not turned on but just plugged in. Even the tiniest of electronic appliances (Musical Bell, Lamp Holder, Multi Plug, DP Switch, Ceiling Rose, etc.) if plugged in and not in use will continue to use electrical energy.

Therefore if you really want to save electricity make sure that even after using your computer and switching it off you unplug the cable or after you have made a bucket of warm water you remember to unplug the electric heater. Even phone chargers, electric kettles and hair dryers continue to sap electricity even if switched off and just plugged in.

3) Use Energy-Saving Appliances.

Modern technology has definitely been a blessing in disguise and one of the best innovations has definitely been the production of energy-saving appliances. If you really want to save electricity then exchanging your old appliances with modern energy-saving ones could be a great kickstart.

Companies were not as concerned with electricity conservation as they are currently and therefore in the current years there has been major advancements like consuming less electricity, reducing carbon footprint and lowering the everyday household costs.

Additionally, changing the old switches and boards to modern power-saving switches and modular plates will reduce the electricity bill. Try out the latest designer switches and modular plates by Girish. They are the best in the market right now.

4) Switch off Appliances When Not In Use.

The easiest yet effective way to save electricity is to switch off appliances when they are not in use. Being aware and mindful about the number of lights you are using in your house definitely helps in reducing the electric consumption and even reflects manifolds in your monthly bill.

5) Use Renewable Source of Energy:

We all know that electricity is a limited or non-renewable source of energy, unlike sunlight which can be used in abundance and is available to us unlimited.

Saving energy would be much easier if you used solar panels. Although the initial set up cost is a little high, it is a one-time investment and would definitely yield amazing returns in future.

Saving electricity is the need of the hour. We have to remember that electricity is a source of non-renewable resources and hence if we exhaust the entire storage it would take hundreds of years to get restored. Therefore our upcoming generation would be deprived of a basic necessity like electricity because of negligent usage.