5 Mind-Blowing Benefits of Using a Table Fan

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5 Mind-Blowing Benefits of Using a Table Fan

5 Mind-Blowing Benefits of Using a Table Fan

  • April 05, 2022
Posted By : Admin Girish Switches

No matter if it is utilized for its cooling effect or as a breezy ventilation solution, a table fan plays a vital part in most houses. The demand for table fans is great, and its increasing popularity has made it one of the easiest and most reasonable options. Besides this, they give many other benefits, too. Continue reading if you want to know more.

Top Benefits of Using Table Fans

1. They save a lot of space

A table fan is just what you will look for if you want to save space. They can fit in nearly any space, be it a shop or a small room. They can be placed with ease and do not need complex installation procedures. Also, they can be utilized for both indoor and outdoor usage with an extension cord.

2. They are affordable

You do not need to spend a bulky amount of money on a table fan as they are quite affordable. Besides being affordable, table fans are long-lasting, too. They are a long-term investment that pays for itself by keeping low maintenance costs and significantly lowering your utility bills.

3. They are energy efficient

A table fan is an energy-efficient home appliance that is also eco-friendly. Moreover, it takes less energy when emitting air to the entire space. Thus, lowering your utility bills also lowers your home's regular energy consumption.

4. They are portable

You can take the table fan from one room to another. Not like other large-sized home appliances, these are quite lightweight and easy to move around. The portable nature of the table fan is one of its key assets.

Steps To Assemble Table Fans

The prime purpose of a multipurpose table fan by Girish Switches is to provide direct cooling and saves a little space. Today a table fan is generally positioned at any place in the house where you want it to be the most. To assemble a Girish Switches multipurpose table fan, here are a few steps that you need to follow:

1. Unbox

Just open the box and locate each part separately to have an open check out what goes where. Inside the box, you’ll find parts like a stand, guards with rings, a motor stand, etc.

2. Dismantle the screws

Take out the screws initially from the bottom base to fit them into the motor stand. Ensure that the switches are fitted via a base in ascending order.

3. Assemble the screws

At the central point of the motor stand, you’ll find a guard nut and a nut. Ease the nut clockwise and henceforth the guard nut anti-clockwise. Detach both from each other.

4. Tighten the guard nut

The next step is to attach the guard to the motor and tighten the guard nut into it.

5. Place the blade

Put the blade through the motor shaft pin and make sure the blade groove is attached to the motor shaft pin groove.

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